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This handmade, natural Woodland Soap is made with a blend of essential oils to bring a sense of being grounded and connected to the earth. Its earthy aroma will transport you to a wooded glen, where you can relax and enjoy the calming scent. Our Woodland Soap is the perfect way to bring a connection with nature into your daily routine.


Take a walk through the forest after fresh rain, as a gentle scent of lemongrass, mint and patchouli washes over you. A rich creamy avocado soap with activated charcoal and brazillian clay will wash the day away.




What's in a name?

Inspired by the natural surround of the woodlands, incorporating our own unquie blend of essential oils, with natural clays. Take a walk through the woods, inhale the sweet earthy scent, be mezmorised by the natural surrounds, colours and textures, relax and take time out. This is what this soap bar was desined to represent

Woodland Soap

  • Woodland is made with avocado oil, coconut oil,  rainwater, rice bran oil, cocoa butter,  sodium hydroxide, hydrogenated soybean, essential oil (spearmint, rosemary, lemongrass, patchouli), kaolin, activated charcoal.

    (Note: due to the saponification process which takes place between the oils and sodium hydroxide, there is no sodium hydroxide left in the final product)

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