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Behind the Name

At Rustic Urban Soap Co we look at what we can control, how this has an impact on the world we live, and weigh up the options available. 

Small Batches

All our products are made in small batches by hand which has allowed us to control everything from ingredients through to the method used in manufacture.

Being able to create handmade small batches means we don't require large machinery and have a smaller carbon footprint than larger scale mass produced products. 

Small batch production also ensures that we can source raw ingredients to align with our values. In doing so Rustic Urban Co is able to create products which are unique, sustainable and have a reduced environmental impact.

Each of our small batch handmade products is truly unique. Due to the variations, the products you receive (mainly the handmade soaps) may differ slightly to the photo shown, this only add to the charm and uniqueness of handmade products. 


Sustainability is about maintaining a system of balance, where behaviors don’t negatively affect society’s future quality of life, through incorporating practices that ensure we preserve our natural resources for years to come.  This includes everything from packaging through to the ingredients utilised and their origins. 

Our packaging has been carefully chosen to provide as little waste as possible. While in our current climate, where packaging is still required for particular products, we place a big emphasis on reduce, reuse and recycle.

Ingredients in our products are carefully considered and chosen to maintain environmental sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint.  This is why we may utilize skin safe fragrance oils in some instances. Rose for example, is a fantastic scent, however to incorporatethe essential oil into our products is not sustainable - to create just 1ml of essential oil it requires 3kg of rose petals. Instead skin safe, phthalate free fragrance sourced from an ethical company is used. Some essential oils are not skin safe, nor should they be used during pregnancy, essential oils can also change in molecular structure when heated and may become toxic when used in candles. 

This model means that we are able to preserve our natural resources, and still create wonderful creations for our customers to enjoy.

Low Environmental Impact

Low environmental impact means reducing the impact on the environment. This goes hand in hand with sustainability - maintaining an environmental balance through reducing our impact, to ensure we preserve our natural resources for many years to come.

Every product Rustic Urban Co creates, we consider how our business actions will negatively (or positively) they affect the environment. This is a holistic business approach, taking into account packaging, ingredients, production, etc. 

The current standard practices of factory farming and livestock rearing are a major source of carbon and methane emissions, which is why we have chosen to create vegan handmade soaps, plant based skin care (no mineral oil here) and skin safe bath soaks and reduce our carbon footprint. 

The rampant deforestation for palm oil plantation has a detrimental effect on both the animal habitats, and the environment ecosystem. While sustainable palm oil is available, we have chosen to exclude this, instead opting for local where available.

The beeswax included in our candles is ethically sourced and harvested to ensure that the bees are not harmed. Beeswax was chosen for the health benefits, and is the only animal product used in any of our products. 

Taking this into consideration, our products are created using sustainable base ingredients such as olive oil, and rice bran oil which have a lower environmental impact. 


At Rustic Urban Co there is no mass production, producing all our products my hand, reducing the time between production and sale of product.

Utilizing the freshest base ingredients to create our wonderful product line, ensures that they not only last longer, it also provides our customers with a product that hasn't been sitting around for months

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