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Sustainability within
Rustic Urban Co

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is not always so easy, there are so many factors to consider and options to weigh up. At Rustic Urban Soap Co we look at what we can control, how this has an impact on the world we live, and weigh up the options available. 

To do this we need to look at what we do and how we do it.


Our linen bags are a great alternative to plastic shopping bags, or use to pack the lose fruit and vegetables in when out shopping.  They can be used for all sorts of things around the house, from temporary travel bags, to using as gift bags, plus, by reusing the bag, it creates less land fill.

With this introduction of COVID, we changed from naked soap bars to using individual cardboard boxes. This protects the soap and also provides a hygienic alternative for our customers. The cardboard can be recycled. 

We use glass where we can which can be recycled, or reused. These vessels are great for a whole range uses around the house, including drink glasses, vases, pots for herbs, to hold trinkets, the possibilities are endless. Or you can take advantage of our refill and reuse products.

The downside to glass is the weight (the heavier the product the more fuel required to transport) and glass vessels are not suitable to use for some of our products.  While we aren't a fan of plastic, we are yet to find a suitable alternative for our product that is also environmentally friendly.  Our bottles are sourced from a supplier who uses recycled packaging to manufacture new products and, we encourage our customers to reuse, recycle or reimagine.  We are always continuing out hunt for more sustainable product packaging. 


Whenever Rustic Urban Co receives an order, it comes packaged in boxes and other packaging material, so instead of throwing this away, it is recycled whenever possible to package up and post off order for our customers. While this packaging option is not always visually appealing, it does result in reducing landfill and also reduces costs passed on to customers.  


This is a new initiative for us. We are offering select products in pouches to refill the product vessels, including our reed diffusers.  Another intuitive we are exploring is the use of refill from a large vessels available for local customers. 

At Rustic Urban Co, we are always open to new ways to minimize our impact on the environment, and would love to hear from you. Any suggestions can be sent through via the contact us form.

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