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Base oils and Butter Profiles

Our bath soaks, plant based skin care and artisan handmade soaps contain a variety of natural oils and butters for their different profiles that bring the products alive, check it out below. 

Always seek medical advice for treatment of conditions.

Information provided as a guide only and should not replace medical advice.

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Cocoa Seed Butter

Theobroma Cacao

By far my favorite ingredient in skin care products, a solid vegetable butter extracted from the cocoa bean.

Rich in fatty acids which may help form a protective layer on the skin preventing moisture lose from the skin and thus preventing it from drying out. It's been used for eczema and skin irritation, and some even swear by it for prevention of stretch marks.

Raw, organic cocoa butter still has the aroma of chocolate, (it's used in chocolate production after all) which is why is was chosen for our vanilla body cream - great for chocolate lovers without the calories.

Cocoa butter also forms the basis for our handmade boutique soap range.


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