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Summer Spritz is a light, refreshing, fruity floral scent, like a summer cocktail.  Enjoy the subtle freshness of lychee fruit, the exquisite softness of peony petals, and the ripe, rich notes of raspberry and peach necter. 


Cold processed soaps are handmade by us in small batches which means that there may be variations in colours and patterns. They are left to cure for a minimum of 6 weeks prior to availability for purchase.


Why Summer Spritz?

The heat of the sun, lazy away on the beach, refreshing drink in the hand - a spritz made with lychee, raspberry, peaches, and a dash of rose, topped with lemondae and an umbrella. It's truely reminicent of the Australian costal summer. 

Summer Spritz Soap

  • This soap is hand cut and weights a minimum of 125g. 

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